Laptops With Microsoft Office Preinstalled

lenovo flex 10

In addition to the asus laptop microsoft office preinstalled there are also laptops with microsoft office preinstalled, IE Lenovo. Lenovo increasingly love to play in the style of multi-mode. His latest notebooks offer sailing 10.1 inches give features dual mode. That is, the notebook called Lenovo Flex 10 it can be positioned in two modes.

The first mode, i.e. the normal mode Laptop just like all laptops. In this mode, the keyboard is at the bottom of the screen that stands.

This second mode is a special Stand mode. To enter this mode, you need to push the screen-resolution HD 1366×768 it back to 300 °. In this mode, the notebook is similar to the hood with the keyboard and screen were turning against each other. This position makes the screen Flex 10 more steady when touched the fingers of the hand. Yes, like two of his older brothers, 14 and 20 Flex, Flex introduced in January 2013, Flex 10 touch screen equipped 10-point. You can knock on the screen while chatting, browsing the internet, watch movies or play games. More natural and cool.

Not only is it the attraction of Lenovo Flex 10. Its specifications are also not bad for a notebook with a weight of 1.2 kg and thick body 21mm. Lenovo imparts an Intel dual-core Celeron N2805 (Bay Trail), 2 GB DDR3 memory, 320 GB hard disk, a pair of stereo speakers, and 720 p webcam on a notebook with operating system Windows 8. A USB 3.0 port, one USB port 2.0, HDMI, audio jack combo as well as wireless capability WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 is available. Very much we find laptops with microsoft office preinstalled uk.

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A number of applications-Zinio online newsstand, Evernote, Skype, McAfee Internet Security (30 day free trial, cloud storage, Lenovo Lenovo Energy Manager, Lenovo Veriface Pro for a replacement password login-pun attached. But what’s interesting is the Microsoft Office suite applications 2013. If purchased alone, you have to spend 1 million rupiah. Whereas Flex 10 4.699 only IDR appreciated million. So laptops with microsoft office 2010 pre installed-laptops with microsoft office 2013 preinstalled-laptops with preinstalled microsoft office 2014 is very nice.

Oh yes, this capable notebook battery lasts up to 4 hours. But he did not reveal the battery capacity. Notebook with integrated graphics is given a period of 1 year warranty for parts and labor expenses. You could add the time of warranty to 3 years by buying the extended warranty. You can also buy additional protection against damage that is not covered by warranty as it falls and liquid. Very much we find laptops with microsoft office pre installed india

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