Kim Komando Laptop Buying Guide

Kim Komando's Laptop Buying Guide

Having a laptop that fits our need, of course, is not as easy as we bought a PC. The laptop already has its own specifications in a device is intact. Whereas, on the PC we can still choose qualified components, even in accordance with the financial conditions. At the moment Matjoe Laptops will discuss the Kim Komando Laptop Buying Guide.


High Quality Laptop Buying Tips:

1.Suits With You Need

First, we have to pay attention to our own needs, would be used for what we buy laptops later. For simplicity is divided into three main categories, namely:

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a. Office Laptop

To light needs such as browsing, listened to music, exercise, or just play light games only. Does not need the high specifications, enough to meet the requirement-the requirement related to the office.

b. Laptop graphic design

Your needs are related to the graphics and colors. Occasionally used for word processing and also plays a middle-level game. Using a laptop as a means of entertainment and to the needs of the workplace.

c. Gaming Laptop

You more use for the needs of playing those games are heavy, with a period of time long enough, need a stable performance, the quality of the display is crisp and clear. Occasionally used to watch film with such high quality Blu-ray. (read :  Alien Ware Laptop)

2.Type Laptops

It’s also important to pay attention to the types of laptops as what we will buy later, tailored to your needs and budget we have, of course. For example, we need a type of laptop gaming class. Then adjust the same budget in the bag because of the type of gaming laptop certainly has been a very powerful tool specification and of course price is just as eye-catching.

Well, this one also sometimes becomes constraints, make sure the first budget, we have enough or baseball to buy the laptop that we want to, not because I’ve really forgotten the bags themselves.

Brands can be one reference in determining choice in buying a laptop. Instead of just pro the same few brands (vendors) only certain, but more emphasis on the primacy of what is carried by a brand laptop itself. We take the example of a Toshiba laptop that is famous as the hardiness and age wear a relatively longer time than any other brand. Asus has the best service.

3.Warranty & Service

Warranty is one of the things that we have to consider in choosing a laptop, because usually the length of time the warranty can be a reference of a product that has a good quality or not. For example, the Asus laptop, she dared to give a warranty up to 2 years. Or Dell with when your laptop is broken, it was going to be replaced by a new one. In buying a laptop be sure also the availability of the service center, try the location service center not far away or at least in the city. This will make it easier in case it later there is an obstacle or damage to the laptop that was purchased, so the damage or constraint could be quickly resolved.

4.Resale price

Before buying a laptop is better search first the type, brand, or what kind of laptop that had resale prices that are not too shrank, not impossible right later we intend to sell it again, maybe because it’s been bored, interested, could also upgrade just in case.

5.Check before you leave the store

For this one, of course, can only be done by you who bought the laptop offline, i.e. in the laptop. For one thing, this includes important, because to avoid things that less later. I’ve got the experience, i.e. buy a laptop without my check. The result, there is a section of damaged keyboard keys on my laptop. Well, that might be a consideration for you.

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