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Good cheap laptops for college, entering a new school, especially for students, notebook or laptop is one of the items that cannot be separated. Many new students want to soon have his own notebook. In addition to the ease in doing various tasks, the notebook could be a means of entertainment in his spare time.

Good cheap laptops for college and gaming. Out there are indeed lots of choice of laptops and notebooks for sale, ranging from expensive to affordable student bags. This time, Matjoe Laptops will give some Good Cheap Laptops For College. Good cheap laptops for college 2014-Good cheap laptops for college 2015-Best cheap laptop for college 2016-Best cheap laptop for college under 300-Best value laptops for college.

Lenovo Ideapad 100-14IBD

  1. Lenovo Ideapad 100-14IBD

The rates are quite affordable, you can get an Intel i3 Series Broadwell which are already very maximal and VGA from NVIDIA 9xx and 2 GB RAM. Of course it could accompany the activities. Start of type, design, to the game. Reasonably capable notebook from Lenovo’s brand.

Specifications of 100-Lenovo Ideapad 14IBD Intel Core i3 5005U Processor-2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 2 GB NVIDIA GT920 VGA Screen 14 “Wide LED the price of $374.



  1. ASUS X550DP-XX181D

The notebook this one wearing the famous AMD processors have affordable prices plus chair performance. Come AMD series Richland already Quadcore, dual graphics capability as well as 2 GB of RAM will present maximum performance. Especially for you who like games, certainly will be a great fit with this notebook. Comes from a well-known vendor Asus classmates will definitely make you increasingly PD to buy this notebook.

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Specifications ASUS X550DP-XX181D AMD processor A8-5550M 2 GB RAM DDR3 Hard Disk 500 GB VGA AMD Radeon HD 8670M (Sun-XT) AMD Radeon HD 8550 Screen 15.6 “Misc DVD±RW, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, price of $374.


HP Pavilion 14-AC004TX

  1. HP Pavilion 14-AC004TX

Not to be outdone HP secretes cheap products with specifications that qualified. Intel Core i3 Haswell plus VGA AMD series R5 and 2 GB RAM. Processor ULV series is used, which is known for highly efficient power performance, but do not be taken lightly. Plus external VGA AMD, which is famous for its reliability in generating excellent multimedia experience, multimedia activities such as watching high-quality film will definitely be satisfied. Plus the combination of power saving processor that positively impact against the durability of the batteries.

Specifications of the HP Pavilion 14-AC004TX Core i3 4005UM Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 2 GB M330 R5 VGA Screen 14 “HD LED Misc DVDRW, WiFi, Camera, price of $374.


HP 15-AF109AX

  1. HP 15-AF109AX

This time HP bring a notebook with AMD APU A8, R5, VGA and RAM 4 GB. Quad Core A8 Processor known tough in running the multitasking. Maximum performance in running the games and multimedia will definitely get you because the combination R5 VGA with 4 GB RAM plus 2 GB of VRAM. With the price of the already affordable, highly recommended to bring home this notebook.

Specification HP 15-AF109AX AMD Quad-Core Processor A8-7410 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive DDR3L VGA AMD Radeon R5 M330 Graphics Screen 15.6 “HD LED Misc SuperMulti DVD burner price of $374.


Lenovo G40-30

  1. Lenovo G40-45 63ID

The combination of Lenovo and AMD always offer affordable notebook is indeed endless. At these prices you get AMD VGA A8 and R5 2 GB, not forgetting combined with 4 GB of RAM makes all the your need, ranging from design, multitasking, even some of the games can be run seamlessly.

Specifications of Lenovo G40-45 63ID AMD processor A8 6410 2.4 Ghz, RAM 4 GB DDR3 500 GB Hard Disk Sata VGA AMD Radeon ™ R5 M330 2 GB LCD screens 14.1 “Misc WiFi, DVD-RW, Card Reader, Camera At $330.


Toshiba Satellite L855 Core i7 1

  1. Toshiba Satellite C55D

Toshiba is also not to be outdone, by relying on the processor and VGA from AMD 4 GB RAM and Hard Disk accompanied 1 TB. Yes 1 TB at a price of $300 is sustenance for you who like to keep a lot of files and games on the notebook. For processors and VGA also cannot be underestimated. In his class, bringing AMD Quad Core A8 Combined Radeon R5 2 GB VRAM is a guarantee in running a fast computing activity and fun.

Specification of Toshiba Satellite C55D AMD QuadCore Processor A8 4 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard drive 6410 VGA AMD Radeon ™ R5 M330 DDR3L 2 GB Screen 15.6 “LED Misc DVD/RW price of Rp $334.


HP 14-af118AU

  1. HP 14-af118AU

Only $225 have can new laptop with AMD processor A8 and VGA R5 plus 4 GB of RAM. Already very affordable if you see its specifications in its class. With the specifications you can get maximum performance because the CPU is AMD brought A8 series 7xxx Quadcore and famous already tough in its class. Plus VGA AMD RAM series R5 and unmitigated i.e. amounting to 4 GB. It is suitable for you who want a laptop-powered but with prices fit in the bag.

Specification HP 14-af118AU AMD Quad-Core Processor A8 4 GB DDR3 RAM-7410 Hard Disk 500 GB AMD R5 VGA Screen 14 “Misc DVD±RW, NIC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, price of $280.


Acer Aspire E 15.6 Touchscreen Laptop1

  1. Acer Aspire ES1-421

Affordable but adequate, notebook specs, here’s the answer. Qualified to work on all the specification your activity due already wearing A4 Quad Core AMD processor, which will make multitasking capabilities running smoothly. Do not forget VGA Radeon R3, 2 GB RAM and has been embedded in this notebook. You know the origin of the A4 processor is an AMD 6210 is a pretty powerful engine, but power saving so you do not need to fear the notebook battery is fast running out.

Specification HP 14-af118AU AMD Quad-Core Processor A8 4 GB DDR3 RAM-7410 Hard Disk 500 GB AMD R5 VGA Screen 14 “Misc DVD±RW, NIC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, price of $280 so the choice of laptops and notebooks that I recommend to do the coursework or just for fun. Hope this can help you determine the right choice.

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