Best Laptops For Writers

Best Laptops For Writers

Best laptops for writers, the two most important things from a laptop is a laptop that should be their processes quickly and keyboard is comfortable to use. Because the keyboard that will be most used to pour his ideas in writing. So, Best laptops for writers and bloggers?

Best laptops for writers reddit, the number of brands or types of laptops on offer, sometimes not easy to select it, even for ordinary activities like typing. Best laptops for writers 2015, Best laptops for writers 2016, Best laptops for writers 2017.

However, if seen from the laptop professional writers, many of whom choose to use laptop brands Apple. This laptop is indeed known nice and comfortable to use. In addition, it also has prestige value. Best laptops for writers and artists.

MacBook Pro

Best laptops for writers and researchers, for example, for MacBook Air 13 inch laptop. The laptop is already using 8 GB DDr4 RAM and storage space of 512 GB SSD type.  This is one of the best laptops for writers. Many who love it because its specifications are very reliable. Coupled with the duration of the battery because the old than can last up to 12 hours.

Then to their material is also sturdy and solid. To carry this laptop found which are also strongly against jolts. It’s no secret that many writers frequently when writing in many places. Maybe if tired of writing in a room, they can write in the Park, at a cafe or hotel.

And most importantly the laptop keyboard is very high quality. So it is very convenient to use. When pressed, respon very good. That’s why many writers love this laptop.

The price of this laptop is indeed fair, but for writers who need a tool to support performance, this laptop is very precise.

If the MacBook Air felt still less, may try for a New MacBook Pro. This laptop using Intel Dual Core i5 with 8 GB DDR4 RAM. For its storage space is indeed smaller than the MacBook Air, because it contains only 256 GB. But for most writers, actually do not need too much capacity, since most of the stored document format is a file.

Laptop New MacBook Pro is indeed a more simple version of the MacBook Air. Because that’s my capacity was then made smaller. But if it’s a matter of ability, clearly this laptop just doesn’t lose. Especially if it is used only for basic needs, such as typing and doing the internet browsing, this laptop is more than enough.

The hallmarks of this laptop are the higher resolution of the MacBook Air. Because that’s the picture quality then ever more amazing. For those of you who like to edit photos as complementary materials writing, this laptop has been very adequate for the needs of meet. So very suitable best laptops for writers and photographers. So more importantly, the keyboard is very comfortable. When pressed. The keyboard is very responsive and soft. That way, you also can type faster!

Best laptops for writers UK-Best laptops for writers of India. If other writers for laptop, maybe you can select the brand of Asus. As for Asus 14 inch screen with Vivobook. This laptop is its specifications are indeed lower, but with the price of this laptop so cheaper.

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