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History of alienware laptops:

Founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila, Alienware assembles desktops, notebooks, and workstations. According to employees, the Alienware name was chosen because of the penchant of Alienware founder ‘ for the hit television series The X-Files, hence the theme to their products, with names such as Area-51, Hangar18 Wednesday and Aurora.

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The acquisition and the status of aliens were laptop at the moment:

Dell alien ware laptop. In 2002, Dell was considering buying Alienware, but did not take any action until March 22, 2006. After Dell, Alienware acquired Alienware remain authorized in terms of design and marketing. However, access to distribution channels Dell, Alienware, purchasing power, and economies of scale will lower operating costs.

Initially, Dell maintains the XPS to compete with PC gaming, and often selling computers with the same specs. XPS may have competing in snatch market share in its market segment, Alienware. However, due to corporate restructuring in early 2008, the brand and the product, scaled down XPS Desktop are removed, thus leaving only the XPS Notebook. Product development PC gaming gaming Division was consolidated with the Dell, with Alienware is becoming Dell’s main products. On June 2, 2009, the M17X is Alienware was introduced as the first. The current premium performance represents the Alienware in Dell’s product line. The launch is also expanding its global distribution Alienware of six became 45 countries. Alienware alienware laptops there are many in the world such as alienware laptop 15, alienware laptop 17 and alienware laptops uk.

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Alienware laptops price – alienware laptop best buy-cheap-laptops alienware alienware laptop price:

Of course, many of us wondered, how the hell is actually priced laptops Alienware is mainly for Alienware products sold in Indonesia? Here you can see a list of prices of laptops Alienware is complete start from the beginning up with the latest prices.

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Alienware Laptop it has a price that ranged from a few dozen million dollars up to tens of millions of dollars, depending on the type and specification of the type carried.

The complete price list for the following laptops Alienware, and to see the spec please click the name of the product:

M14xR2 4 g: 133,416.03 INR (2,066.91 USD)

M14xR2 8 g: 136,838.61 INR (2,119.54 USD)

M14xR2 i5: 82,916.84 INR (1,284.96 USD)

M14xR2 i7: 97,511.24 INR (1,510.52 USD)

M14xR3: 120,823.52 INR (1,871.42 USD)

M17xR3: 156,728.32 INR (2,427.81 USD)

M17xR3 3D-Bluray: 166,479.45 INR (2,578.18 USD)

M17xR4: 162,088.21 INR (2,510.51 USD)

M17xR5 DVD: 154,145.24 INR (2,387.21 USD)

M17xR5 Bluray: 2.721.04 USD (2,721.04 USD)

NB: of course, all the Alienware laptop price can vary depending on the rates with the US Dollar against the Rupee India, as well as the promo lasts.

alienware laptop 2017 – alienware laptop bag:

Bag Alien Were Laptop4Bag Alien Were Laptop5Bag Alien Were Laptop6Bag Alien Were Laptop7Alien Were Laptop2

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